Friday, August 28, 2009

"They are going beserk"

Broward, Dade property owners `flipping out' over tax notices

The proposed tax notices arriving in Miami-Dade and Broward mailboxes in recent days have stirred a wave of protest, with dozens of homeowners taking to the streets Thursday and thousands of others dialing their property appraiser's office.

Many homeowners, already feeling pressures from high unemployment, a tumbling stock market and dwindling property values, were angry to open their TRIM -- Truth In Millage -- notices and see a property tax increase awaiting them, too.

``They are going berserk,'' said Charlotte Greenbarg, a Hollywood resident and president of the Broward Coalition, which represents homeowners. ``People are absolutely flipping out.''

Palm Beach County arts groups chase dwindling public funds
Other governments may have to cut arts funding entirely due to
budget shortfalls. While some small cities don't contribute to the arts, county governments ...

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