Friday, September 10, 2010

A bracing call for support of the Bed Tax

Calling All Sarasotans (includes Business Leaders & Owners, Community Activists & Park Lovers, Elected Officials & Government Employees, Parents, Retirees, Athletes & Coaches, Seniors, Visionaries, and Rowing Aficionados),

WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE HISTORY AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!  Next week, (Thursday, September 16th, at 3 pm, 1660 Ringling Boulevard), the Sarasota County Tourist Development Council is discussing future uses for the Tourist Development Tax (TDT).  We are asking them to approve an additional ½-cent portion of the Bed Tax to help fund the Nathan Benderson Park.  This request is vital.  Once completed, this community park will improve the quality-of-life for both residents and visitors.  As a rowing facility, it will attract domestic and international rowers, their coaches and families, and tens of thousands of spectators year-round.  The rowing park will make dreams come true and add to the economic sustainability of our community.
PLEASE ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT PUBLIC MEETING.  To show our solidarity, we are asking that everyone wear lime green shirts, the universal color from this year's regatta season.  If you don't have a lime green shirt, we can provide you with one that proclaims our message,
For more information, please call me at 941-400-7333 or e-mail me .

 John Krotec

 Member, Regatta Organizing Committee

 Chairman, Fruitville 210 Community Alliance
Home and small business owner

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