Thursday, June 4, 2009

Budget Headlines and Headaches in Hillsborough County

Hillsborough making massive job cuts to balance 2010 budget

A few choice quotes:

TAMPA - A popular after-school recreation program would be eliminated, at-home care for the elderly would be decimated and service for children would be sharply curtailed under a draft budget recommendation from Hillsborough County administrators....

Animal Control stands to lose 30 Positions. The Victims Assistance Program and County Consumer Protection Department would be completely eliminated....

"This has been a nightmare for me," [County Administrator Pat] Bean told county commissioners as she unveiled a budget that would shed nearly 1,100 jobs and $144 million in spending in the next two years.

Parks and recreation, code enforcement, consumer protection, child care licensing, animal services and nonprofit spending would be particularly hard hit....

After school programs and workers who serve the elderly will also be hard hit.

"It became emotional as we started going through and realizing just how deep we were going to cut," said Bean.

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