Thursday, June 4, 2009

Join in

The impetus behind this blog was twofold: first, to create a means for people to join in the civic conversation -- via comments, questions, and observations -- and second, to invite others to post editorial viewpoints, links, and notes on resources that enrich and further the dialog.

A good deal of budget dialog in depressed economic circumstances tends to surround the question of "what am I ok with giving up?" - What can you name as something you now enjoy as a resident of Sarasota County that you are willing to forego? Have a look at the stories about Hillsborough County, the cuts they're facing: What sacrifices can we agree on?

A blog like this one sits in a new space between government, residents, and media -- i.e., this digital mode is not "the media" -- rather, it's for people who wish to go beyond traditional commercial media formats and formulae to engage the financial and quality-of-life issues we're facing on a level playing field.

If you're like to have posting privileges to this blog, please leave your name and address in the comments, or send an email to Thanks.

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