Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As Florida goes, so goes the Nation

States across the nation pinch their pennies to save athletics
USA Today
Nearby Loudoun County, with 10 high schools, instituted a $100 fee to play sports. Money is for general budget shortfall not specific to athletic budget. ...

Behind Florida's Exodus: Rising Taxes, Political Ineptitude
One thing, for instance, would be to give a dozen top aides hefty raises while urging a rise in property taxes, as the Mayor of Miami-Dade County recently ...

Schools look to teacher furloughs to trim budgets
The Associated Press
But furloughs are happening in individual districts in states such as New Mexico,Florida and California, said Ed Muir, deputy director of research and ...

License and registration, PLEASE!
Higher tag fees, raised by the Florida Legislature to address a budget deficit, take effect today. The Associated Press TALLAHASSEE - Driver license, ...

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