Sunday, September 6, 2009

Power vacuum and round-up

Miami-Dade commissioners keep taxes flat
During their first budget hearing, Miami-Dade County commissioners voted early Friday morning to cap property taxes at last year's rate, creating a $444 ...

Most programs, not all, get their county funding
Gainesville Sun
Among the agencies that did not qualify was Easter Seals of Florida for the Altrusa House, a day-care center for frail seniors and adults with disabilities ...

Tax battle leaves residents, officials weary
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Volusia is the only Florida county with three separate hospital taxing authorities, and the rates in East Volusia rival what many Central Florida residents ...

Florida Lacks Clout in Congress
The Ledger
Lawton Chiles chaired the Senate Budget Committee. Today, several members of Florida's delegation, including Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, ...

In the House of Representatives, where constant turnover has depleted the state's seniority, not one of the 25-member Florida delegation is in a major leadership position or chairs a single committee from which legislation such as health care reform is being constructed.

The lack of seniority exists for three reasons:

The first might best be described as wanderlust. Like the state's transient population, Florida's political leaders are known as much for moving on as they are for moving up.

An even bigger factor in Florida's high turnover is that the state's rapid population growth has weakened the power of incumbency.

Finally, Florida may have suffered as much as anything by placing its bets on the wrong partisan horse.

Through redistricting, Florida's Republican-dominated Legislature has created Republican districts.

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