Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sanborn brings Film / TV Production to Region - Maybe

"We want people from Hollywood to come here and fall in love with Sarasota, just like we have," Sanborn said, standing in the hangar.

Entrepreneur to build movie and TV production campus

Kathy Baylis, president of the Economic Development Corp. of Sarasota County, called the deal with Sanborn "a game changer" for the local economyBesides bringing an exciting, high-profile business to Sarasota County, this kind of business creates spin-off jobs, she said.
* * *

Tax credits like these were "critical" to Sanborn deciding to put his studio in Florida, he said.
Giving incentives to companies to build filmmaking infrastructure like this is the reason behind the big incentive package the Legislature approved.
"That's basically what he's doing, is building infrastructure," Lucia Fishburne, Florida's film commissioner, said of Sanborn's plans.
* * *
Ringling President Larry Thompson floated another idea for local filmmaking infrastructure last week when he asked county commissioners to help pay for a $1 million post-production center on campus. Thompson says he has commitments from producers and directors, including Werner Herzog and Paul Schiff, to do post-production work on their films at the school if the Ringling studio were built.
[ed. note: we live-blogged an earlier discussion of this proposal here.]
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Both Sanborn and Behr are quick to admit that their plan to build a studio is no sure thing. If they can sell the "Miami 24/7" series idea at an upcoming American Film Market convention in California, for example, it would provide them with deal momentum that they presently lack.


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